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Data Visualization

Advance Dashboard

Easy and comprehensible displaying of data helps in fast and accurate decision making. You can create end number of dashboards and various series of it according to their requirement.

Interactive Map Analysis

This component enhances the map-based data analysis required for organizational management. The reliable tools are competent enough to carry out complex spatial analysis easily.

Smart Graph Analysis

The graph analysis makes it feasible for the authorities to understand the huge chunk of accumulated data and also fulfils the significant purpose of grasping the real-time statistical analysis.

Virtual Geo-fencing

The real-time monitoring of a team within a virtual boundary helps to keep a check on the activities. The log corresponds with the respective fencing, giving an accurate tracking of the users.

Robust Report Builder

You can now create reports on any kind of form data in the most convenient way. With the features like custom styling and logical filters, it becomes easier to create more streamlined reports.

Accurate Live Tracking

Live Tracking helps in monitoring the movement of any specific user at any given period of time. It helps the management to keep a track of the productivity of one or more field executive(s).

Data Acquisition

Dynamic Form Builder

The smart features enable the user to create different types of forms without any coding. A user can apply custom preset and select required fields to enjoy the utmost flexibility of form building.

Intricate Location Tagging

This feature helps the field executives to retain the data authenticity. For its smart geo-tagging feature, it removes the risk of field level data manipulation and ensure data purity at its best.

Effortless Field Survey

It helps in the real-time data collection from multiple users. This can be done in both online and offline mode which helps in the uninterrupted tracking. It also reduces the data manipulation risks.

Offline Data Collection

The task of field data and GIS survey data acquisition can smoothly be updated in an offline mode and it also supports in tracking and task updates, saving the users from connectivity issues.

Innovative GIS Survey

Precise area locations can be captured with the help of the GIS survey. Here, the offline mode provides the opportunity to work in the most remote areas without any kind of hindrance on its way.

Adaptable IoT Integration

This open ended feature integrates smart IOT devices for their feeds which automates the flow of seamless data acquisition and the platform takes it one step ahead to a futuristic technology.

Data Management

Authentic Survey Data

With this feature the incoming geo-tagged data can be authenticated before analysis. The discrepancies in the raw survey data get sorted, and thus the user can get a full proof analysis.

Custom Query Builder

Users can choose from the variety of form attributes and logical conditions for query building. This enables the user to perform authentic and detailed analysis on the basis of the current data.

Organised MIS Data

This feature helps to organise managerial data that makes it easy to understand the statistics. Hence this data cataloguing feature improvise the decision making in the most efficient way.

Reusable Custom Filters

A custom filter can be reused and modified at the time of query building and research operations, so that it can be saved for future use. This feature is essentially user-specific and user-oriented.

Powerful Map Editor

You can create or modify spatial features in an existing or new layer to define a particular location. Attribute data, image and their geometric shapes can be managed without any GIS knowledge.

Unlimited Import / Export

This feature allows us to exchange unlimited data without any restriction. Data can be imported or exported with wide range of data formats that initiates exchange in the most feasible way.

Workflow Automation

Flexible Workflow Builder

Anyone can create form based workflow where multiple actions can be combined or arranged to serve a process flow. The workflow can also be re-designed as per your need through the platform.

Instant Email Notifications

This feature helps to quicken the pace of the approval process by sending a notification e-mail with all details to the concerned authority. In this way, the process delay can be avoided easily.

Agile Process Orchestration

Workflow actions can be orchestrated with the help of the user assignment, status notification and data flow. Only an authorised executive can affect the status and it's circulated through email.

Extensive Status Traceability

With this feature, an authorised personnel can easily get the trace of any blocker and it's reason. Therefore, it resolves the issues on time which maximizes the efficiency of process handling.

Swift Data Transactions

It takes the responsibility of channelizing status-based data to various data-sets for further processing, therefore this feature makes sure the segregation of data in a smooth automated way.

Precise Status Reports

An authorised personnel can instantly get the report of the approval of certain action and their status with this feature which evidently helps to track down even the smallest hurdle in its way.

Smart Communication

Configurable Email Templates

By using data tags you can create your own configurable e-mail templates to suit your purpose for the workflow email notification along with all other particular details for the specific users.

Streamlined Issue Reporting

It ensures instant reporting of any kind of functional issue directly to the support team without having to face a hierarchical process which ultimately helps to cut down the time consumption.

Rapid Mobile Notifications

At the time of any form publication, task assignment and news broadcasting the users get the quick notification about any new updates relating to their work, so that they can act on it accordingly.

Inclusive Acknowledgement

This helps the support team to respond to the reported issue as soon as possible and they can also avail the facilities of providing feedback and updating the tickets for efficient organisation.

Efficient News Broadcasting

This feature enables the user to air any news to the entire organisation to provide the current updates, so that everyone remain updated about the organisational or regulatory notification.

Visible Resolution Tracking

It helps to track the chain of communication between the user and the support team for a particular reported issue that helps in resolving the complexities of communication and resolving.

Access Controls

Complete User Management

The feature facilitates administrators to create or manage web and mobile user accounts by providing the details and their login information so that, accounts can easily be administered centrally.

Secured Form Access

The feature defines the form access on the basis of the departmental role of the specified user. It limits the data access from any particular user thus enhancing the security of form data.

Easy Access Permission

Prime task of this feature is to assign role permissions so that the users get an access to the respective system components which ensures system security and access only to the verified users.

Extended Data Access

It enables you to share the data access package with the third party applications or other devices. This data sharing process also secures the data privacy policies in the most assured way.

Quick Report Sharing

With this feature we can share reports with other modules of the system. By enhancing the report sharing flexibility, the users of other modules can get the easy access to the complex MIS reports.

Vigilant Field Security

During data creation and modification, this feature helps to regulate the specific form attribute by which it controls the field accessibility, facilitating the further micro level data security systems.

An Account of Module Features

The below content features the detail set of module-wise objective and their primary features that helps in better understanding of SaaS and Enterprise Version of Quadric and it's efficiency.


The module is built in such a way that the user gets the optimum flexibility to create multiple customized forms by themselves based on their requirements. The module is perfectly designed for the user to collect real-time authentic data from both mobile and web application. The collected managerial and field level data can be further used for data mining which helps in determining the current scenario and the future prospects of any organisation. The entire process of data analysis is quite hassle-free for the management.

The components of Form module are designed to create a complete and self-reliant suite that enables hassle-free handling of managerial and field level data. From data collection, data analysis, query building to report generation, the entire process is significantly effortless, fast and smooth. Each of these components is equipped with a set of features that tend to make them significantly independent and unique in their own ways.

Form Creation

A user can create different kinds of forms at any time, with the help of various smart controls. With Geo-tagging facilities, applying custom pre-set and choosing the required fields in form building, a user can experience utmost flexibility.

Dynamic Query

For an authentic and detailed analysis, one can build a line of dynamic queries. Users have a variety of form parameters, logical conditions and a vast set to choose from. They can choose the field options for display during research.

Form Security

A form can be published and made visible at any time via the web and mobile application. Mobile and web users can be assigned who could access the forms, thus ensuring data security and protection from fraudulent activities.

Custom Filter

A set of custom filters that a user creates during query building and research operations can also be saved so that he can reuse or modify it further in a hassle free manner. The custom filters are user-specific and only visible to its creator.

Dynamic Report

Users can now create dynamic reports on Survey and MIS form data. It helps creating more streamlined reports on the go, by using features like custom styling and logical filters. The created reports can be stored and accessed for later use.

Data Management

At any time, MIS or survey data can be added or modified by the authentic web and mobile users. To check discrepancies and ambiguity, data comparison can be done along with the media data such as image, audio, video or file.

Graph Analysis

One can generate a large variety of graphical representation of form data via user and date filters. Graphs include line, line area and bar graph, which ensure seamless data visibility. Users can also compare two similar MIS form data.

Data Export

Quadric provides a variety of data formats in which generated reports can be exported. For example, word, excel, pdf, png, jpg etc. Users can extract data from any graph at any time or during data analysis after applying dynamic query.

Quadric Client

Quadric Client is an interactive and intuitive mobile application that seeks to make the entire system efficient and user-friendly. With its series of inbuilt functionalities, the mobile application helps users to collect all kinds of inputs that are further used in Quadric. It aids in filling up forms, performing GIS layer surveys, tracking user movements and giving status updates of the tasks that are assigned to a field level executive. As a result, the management can get authentic field level data instantly using the mobile application.

The intuitive components of Quadric Client help field level executives to collect on-field inputs so that the process of data validation and data mining in the web application becomes easier than ever for the management of any organisation. It helps in day to day functionality of the organisation using the Quadric Client and acts as a bridge between the field level executives and the management, linking authority and employees.

Data Collection

Quadric Client allows real-time data collection from multiple users. It validates data with image, audio, video capturing facilities and a variety of file uploading provisions. The geo-tagging, thereby ensures data tracking and authenticity.

Layer Survey

Point and area locations are precisely traced from the field with this feature. On submission, it can be efficiently tracked. The survey can be carried on both online and offline medium which proves to be cost-effective.

Geo-tagged Data

Quadric Client ensures data authenticity by geo-tagging, that are captured by the field executives; location is tracked in both online and offline mode. It removes the risk of field level data manipulation for it's smart security features.

Layer Editor

It ensures accurate editing of any point location or area boundary with detailed and updated information for a better evaluation. The real-time editing reduces the efforts of the in-house team and ensures cost-effectiveness.

Task Reporting

The Task reporting feature enables an executive to update their work status in real-time. A user can even access their offline tasks and can update it locally on offline basis. This feature guarantees the performance evaluation of the user.

Perform Offline

The routine work of data acquisition, performing layer surveys, tracking user movements and tasks can be smoothly done even on offline basis. It help users overcome hurdles of technical limitations and connectivity issues with ease.

Real-time Tracking

A user's movement can be tracked on a real-time basis using the GPS, in both online and offline modes. Alongside, one could also track an entire team’s activities the same way, down to the very path and distance covered with time.

Role-based Access

The components of Quadric Client are accessible to the users as per their assigned roles. With assigned job roles for every executive, the access to the Client’s components is limited, thus ensuring the security at the same time.


This adaptive module effectively helps in creating dynamic and flexible workflows for organisations without any software development work. It enables an e-office environment, which enables prompt decision-making and leads to enhanced organisation efficiency. The manual workflow of the organisations gets a digital transformation with this module, which can be handled in an easy manner. With this module, data analysis, graph analysis, and report generation can be seamlessly carried out at all times.

The components of Workflow module are designed to create dynamic and flexible processes which handle the approval process of managerial and field level data of any organisation. Ranging from data validation to analysis, query building, and report generation, the entire process is hassle free. Each of these components is equipped with a unique set of features that tend to make each of them independent in their own ways.

Workflow Management

Based on any form the user can create a workflow where multiple dynamic actions can be combined and arranged to serve a process flow. The workflow can be re-designed, activated or published at any time through web app.

Action Manager

View used data for any specific workflow submitted via any form. Going with workflow and modification of action data and action status can be done with the editing. Users can update their status to enjoy uninterrupted workflow.

Action Configuration

It helps to configure email frames and assign users to a particular action of a workflow as per requirement. If an authorised user takes action affecting the status, the other users would receive an email notification instantly.

Email Notification

If the email notification is configured for any specific action status, then the corresponding authentication hierarchy would be notified immediately when the specific changes are being made by any user who has the access.

Dynamic Query

A user can access the information from different areas in the workflow in an organised way. They can build a dynamic query based on the form parameters and operators for the workflow on which this form is being made use of.

Workflow Reports

It helps in creating more streamlined reports on the go, by making it more flexible. Report modification process involves alteration of the custom design, modification of the workflow data sets and changing appearance of reports.

Custom Filters

A set of dynamic filters that anyone creates during query building can be saved and also modified, for future use in the most hassle free manner. The custom filters are user-specific and are only visible to the one who created.

Workflow Analysis

Officials can opt for stage wise analysis of the data through the graphs using this. The management can screen the form data, within a particular date range, based on the action to get an accurate analysis of the whole process.


Map module works as a self-reliant and robust online spatial platform that enables users to perform a decisive analysis of the spatial data collected through Quadric Client. Being equipped with a robust set of enhanced spatial features, such as heat map, density analysis, custom filter and area filter, the map module aims at giving more intuitive results in short span of time. A notable factor about the map is that a user can easily upload and manage the spatial data by utilizing the edit and validation feature without any GIS expertise.

The components of Map module are designed to make location and area-based analysis more conceptualized and hassle-free for the users. The advanced components like map viewer, report builder, graph analysis help the user to easily perform effortless and accurate analysis on a large volume of spatial and survey data collected through Quadric Client. The various different components of Map module are unique in their own ways.

Layer Display

This feature enables multiple locations that can be viewed and marked by layers of different colours. The customizable colours suit the users’ needs using style editor and also helps to get the print-ready map for presentation.

Layer Management

It allows to form new layer, either in point or polygon with the default color schemes on the map. They aid in storing spatial data for the organisation as well as collect field level spatial data through the Quadric Client mobile app.

Spatial Tools

Quadric's vast range of tools allow accurate spatial analysis. Drawing tools, measurement, buffer, print or generic tools, navigation and reverse geo-coding tools work together to perform different action on the map.

Layer Editor

In an existing or a new layer, one can add or modify spatial features to define a particular location. Attribute data, geo-tagged images, spatial feature locations and their geometric shapes can be managed without any GIS knowledge.

Spatial Filter

With this, one can accurately view different location points in the selected zone as well as set filters on various attributes of the form. The custom filters help to view only the required information that can be saved for near future.

Data Exchange

Spatial data can be uploaded or downloaded from any layer as a Shape file. The target layer should be either point or polygon. The spatial data handling is simplified and can be easily managed in Quadric or any external applications.

Map Analysis

Different kinds of map analysis are extremely useful in terms of extensive research and studying density trends. Heat, density based thematic and value based thematic map are the three analytics used to do analysis on form data.

Data Analysis

One can get a graphical representation of distribution balance of infrastructure, frequency of inspection done in different locations and the location wise data analysis in an efficient manner. It focuses on areas of improvement.


It is designed to simplify the process of assigning task and performance evaluation of executives. It allows the reporting head to assign tasks to team members based on their experience and by determining their location and circumstantial possibility to accomplish it. The executive can update their task status directly from the field which in return updates the reporting head in real-time. It also enables the reporting head to evaluate employee performance and therefore, it ensures the finest level of productivity evaluation.

The Task module is equipped with a smart and advanced set of components aimed at simplifying the process of task assignment and performance evaluation of the field level executives in the most innovative and comprehensive manner. Being extremely flexible and self-reliant, each of the components helps the reporting head of any organisation to decide the capability of any team member to perfectly accomplish any given task.

Task Management

This feature enables a user to create and modify the standalone tasks. These stored tasks are frequently assigned across the vast workspace to users, as per requirements, leading to minimised effort and high productivity.

User Performance

This feature aims at evaluating each field executive’s performance in any organisation on the basis of tasks assigned and its status of accomplishment within a given period of time. It helps to maintain the process of growth.

Location Viewer

Due to this exclusive new feature, assigning tasks and determining course of action has become extremely easy for reporting heads. Accurate tracking of field executives determine the feasibility of their performance.

Task Filters

These filters map individual user from all task users. Status filter helps generate graphs based on task status such as ‘Pending’, ‘Working’ or ‘Completed’. It can evaluate performances within a date range for a precise report.

Calendar Viewer

One can easily get a detailed date or month-wise view of all tasks as well as their priorities. It helps the management to adhere to the work-schedule and get the real-time availability of the resources and their allocation.

Graph Analysis

This produces a detailed graphical representation of the user's performance, assigned to any particular task using their work statuses. It helps to generate tabular results and analyse large chunks of data within a short time.

Status Update

This feature allows reporting heads to keep track, verify and update the work status of each executive, when they are uploaded via Quadric Client. It helps to follow the schedule and performance of the executives in real-time.

Task Report

A user can create and modify customized reports based on assigned tasks and their status within a given period of time. The further processes include the change of custom logic, modification of data set and report designing.


Tracking is a very important module that helps to accurately track the huge field level workforce in the real-time scenario. With a set of highly effective tracking functionalities, this module aims at real-time tracking of user movement with highest level of accuracy. Even if a form is filled up or task status is updated on the fly, its filling location can be tracked. With the help of geo-fencing feature, one can track a group of users within a particular fencing boundary. Users generate a detailed report and its analysis based on tracking data.

The Tracking module is featured with a suite of functional components which assist in simple and effortless tracking. This module is incredibly flexible and user-friendly. Thus, it makes the tracking mechanism even more manageable for a single user or even an entire team. Each of the components aims at tracking real-time activity of an assigned job so that the analysis and report generation is exact and explicable to the management.

Manage Geo-fencing

Users can create and modify virtual fencing boundaries on the map using smart drawing features such colour themes and can assign executives to these fences as per their need. Thus monitoring executives becomes efficient.

Task Notification

This informs the management as soon as a task status is updated along with it's location. The current status of the task details, number of submitted task status are also shown which aids real-time monitoring of field work.

Geo-fence Tracking

It helps to get authentic results about the whereabouts of a team working within or outside the boundary. It provides information about the executives and the amount of time they have spent in or outside the fenced area.

Tracking Log

The management can get the authentic data on the distance covered and the timeframe during which one was in or outside the boundary. The tracking details of an individual or a group can be downloaded in excel format at any time.

User Tracking

This feature helps in tracking the locations and movements of a user during any given period of time. All tracking data is archived for future use. Therefore, It allows the management to determine the productivity of a user.

Tracking Report

One can create or modify customized reports based on tracking or fencing data of a user or a group. Modification involves the alteration of the custom design, embedded custom logics and change in the appearance of the entire report.

Data Notification

The management automatically gets notified as soon as a form data is submitted by user. It also keeps track of the number of submitted forms along with their location. The management can view detailed info of a specific form.

Tracking Analysis

This feature is designed to get authentic graphical analysis of tracking data for an individual or a group, about the distance covered and the time period. As a result, the management gets a report of their performance on time.


The Admin module enables a system administrator to have a holistic control over the system and seamlessly manage the web and mobile users. Acting as the control panel of the system, the Admin module provides the Administrator with an easy interface from where they can monitor the overall performance of Quadric. Also, it helps in generating extensive reports of any data available in the system. The support team instantly responds and successfully resolves the issues which are faced by the web or mobile users.

This module is built up with a set of essential self-reliant components, each of which helps the administrator to have an extensive control over the entire system of Quadric. It streamlines the job of an administrator and further helps him get a precise view of the data stored in the system. From building authentic reports to providing real-time support to users, Admin module ensures the complete efficiency of the system.

Manage Users

System administrators can create web or mobile user accounts by providing the details and login credentials. The account information of an existing user can be modified. And accounts can be accessed only after verification.

Report Sharing

This enables sharing of complex reports with other modules of Quadric so that the users in those modules can access shared reports. Without it, they can't access the complex reports which enhances data sharing flexibility.

Role Management

The system administrator can create, modify and assign roles to web or mobile users to offer access to the components of Quadric. Thus, System security is enhanced as the users can access only the permitted components.

Real-time Support

As the users’ issues can be viewed instantly by the support team, it becomes possible to get a real-time solution for the problems. The process is very smooth, time efficient and user-friendly, making it easy for the first-timers.

Profile Management

Quadric allows the system administrator to create and modify profiles with names and assign permission of specific forms to it's users. Form access ensures complete data security and authenticity to the assigned profile holder.

System Performance

From a single location, the administrator can perform system analysis for monitoring the performance at any time. It ensures that the administrator gets a view of all activities of web and mobile users in each module of Quadric.

MIS Report

The administrator can pull data from the system through joining query of multiple tables. Based on it, user can create and modify managerial reports. It helps to create reports that enhances managerial decision making process.

News Broadcaster

The management can create and publish any news via the mobile and web application. It can be done by incorporating appropriate images, styles or design with the help of a smart editor and can be aired across the system.

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