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Published By : Lipi
October 01, 2021
Launched Dynamic Report Builder in 2022

We have already launched our dynamic report builder in 2022. The report builder welcomes you to the world of dynamic features that opens a whole new path of data analysis for you.

Our dynamic report builder lets you construct your report in whatever way you choose, be it design wise or strategy wise. A simple drag and drop allows you to build structure, columns loops etc., in the report.You can have your own chosen features embedded into the report without changing any configuration. Hence the reports become dynamic in nature which helps you to get access to the latest information in real time, allowing you to interact with data through interactive features and many other functionalities to execute basic and advanced data analysis.

Our report builder can fetch latest data from different data sets 24/7, which enables you to look, share and influence it for the sake of real-time process outcome.

Features of Our Dynamic Report Builder

The intuitive and insightful nature of Quadric’s report builder allows its users to analyse the data as per its past and predicted resource that ultimately helps them to execute real-time analysis.

The Dynamic Form or Advance Dynamic Forms’ interactive nature, supplies the data on one hand and the dynamic report builder process the submitted data on the other. Thereby, making you the winner of your league.

Quadric’s dynamic reports lets you probe deeper into the insights than static report and at the same time allow you to interact with the data rather than just view it. This initiates in taking better decisions.

Our dynamic reporting tool consolidates valuable data in a centralised location, which allow for a rapid insight comparison and metric viewing from a broad time frame. This in turn, allows the user to make decisions more quickly.

Quadric’s reporting allows you to log into a dashboard whenever you want from your device. This means instant insights and analysis.

Dynamic data centres around business processes, with dynamic reporting tools providing various stimulating visuals, so it allows users to respond to data more effectively, leading to better business results.

How It will Assure Your Growth

Our precisely structured report builder helps you to set future plans by keeping the parity of your current strategy. You can rapidly execute your analysis based on that and finally achieve your required target. Quadric also launched its professional reporting services to provide our clients the maximum benefit of it. For further query on reporting get in touch with us.

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