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Posted By : Snehangshu
June 28, 2022
Advance Dynamic Forms : 7 Awesome Features to Spice Up Your Forms

Creating a dynamic form involves more than just making the fields interactive. With static forms, you can only ask users for specific information in pre-set formats. They can’t be made more convenient or user-friendly. Users will grow bored with your form and may not respond to it. Static forms tend to have the same kind of questions again and again: Name, email address, etc. If you want to put your users at ease instead of stressing them out, dynamic forms are the way to go. Here are 7 awesome features of dynamic forms that will automatically make your users happier with less effort on your part!

Create Dynamic Forms Using Drag and Drop Feature in No Code Platform

Quadric is a platform that allows users to create dynamic relationships between form objects. With the drag and drop feature, users can dynamically attach and detach objects to one another. Quadric also provides a visual feedback interface that displays the relationship between the form objects. This allows users to easily see the relationships between objects and make changes to them.

Create Advance Forms by Implementing Various Rules in Dynamic Forms

Advance forms are a new kind of online form that allow users to enter data in a more interactive and user-friendly way. This type of form is becoming increasingly popular for different reasons, such as making it easier for users to fill out the form, reducing errors, and improving the overall experience. By implementing certain rules in dynamic forms, you can make them more advanced. Rules can help you implement advanced forms in dynamic forms more quickly and with less effort. Formatting rules, item selection rules, data editing rules, and data saving rules are particularly useful.

Dynamic Data / Real-Time Data Fetching to the Form Fields

The trend of dynamic data or real-time data has gained immense importance in recent years. In this Quadric Platform, the best feature is integrated with the user interface. The real-time or dynamic data will be automatically fetched to the user interface. You don’t have to change the form field values by coding, The advance form automatically fetches the real-time data from the data source and populates in the form field.

Dynamic Form API Expose

Quadric Dynamic Form is a versatile and robust API development platform that can be used to integrate various app partners and platforms. Its various components make it easy to integrate various features and functionality, simplifying the process and reducing the time and effort required to develop an API. Quadric is an ideal platform to integrate different apps or platforms with No Code Dynamic Form APIs and it is highly recommended for any business looking for a versatile and robust API development platform.

Form Data API Expose

No need to worry about data sharing when using Quadric Platform. Once data is submitted using the dynamic form, you can trigger one or more workflows behind the form. Now the real-time data can be shared with any other application through the dynamic APIs after the data gets verified by various approval processes. This feature proves the flexibility of the entire Quadric Platform.

Dynamic Forms Are Recognized by User Agents

If your form is dynamic, it will be recognized by user agents, such as search engines and social media bots. This means that your form will be easier to index and will likely appear higher in search results. This is particularly helpful if you are running a contest or a survey. Not only will you likely get more responses, but your contest or survey will also likely be more accurate thanks to the user agents. If your form is static, it will be ignored by most user agents. This means that it will not be as likely to appear in search results, and it may not be as accurate as it could be. This could cause your users to lose interest in your form, which could end up hurting your business. Making your form dynamic could help keep your form high in search results while still being easy to fill out.

Dynamic Forms Are Responsive

Your forms will be more user-friendly if they are responsive. dynamic forms are responsive by default, so your forms will expand and contract with the size of the user’s device. This feature is particularly useful for mobile users who may not have large monitors. Most forms are best viewed on tablets, but not all forms allow for adjustment based on device size, so this is a key advantage of dynamic forms. With a static form, the user will have to scroll left and right in order to see the entire form. If you have a long form, this scrolling may be far too time-consuming, which may result in a lot of people just giving up without submitting anything. However, if you have a dynamic form, it will automatically adjust to be as large as possible while still fitting on the screen.

To Conclude

Advance Dynamic Forms are a great way to make your business process flawlessly by collecting field data more effectively. It can help you to increase your data collection to maintain your business productivity. With dynamic forms, you can make your forms more attractive and easier to use, which will help to keep your users' data flawlessly. They can also help to make your business run more efficiently by pulling all of your information into one place and connecting to 3rd party APIs.

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