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Posted By : Snehangshu
May 09, 2022
Create Dynamic Forms in Minutes With No Code, Using Quadric

User-friendly drag-and-drop, no code form builder or visual form builders have made it easy to create forms in desktop apps and websites. This ease of use, combined with the need to capture data from users, has led to a surge in form-building applications in recent years.

But building forms isn’t just about capturing data. Form-based applications also require users to interact with the content in a structured way that supports the core actions of the application. A good form can help users accomplish a specific task and make it simple, intuitive, and reliable.

Design Your Form Object

The first step of creating your form is to have the required permission. From there, you can access the form designer. With the help of designer and form control tool box you can get the configuration options that will help to create your form. You can also add spatial layers that is going to enable you to capture MIS or attribute data for any particular layer such as school inspection, project survey, medical camps, etc,.

Add Required Fields

To define the form object, you can start adding the form controls and make them required as per your need. You can do so by dragging the controls from the tool box panel and make them available in the form designer. You can add the labels to the form controls from the form designer; also you can change the design and structure of the form for making it more attractive.

Create Basic Fields

You have various types of controls to design your form. Some of the types are - text, multi-line text, numerical, drop-down, radio button, check box, date picker, time picker, decimal, currency, rating, image upload, video upload, file upload, audio upload, auto increment and so on. By adding these controls to your form, you can collect a filtered data for your business requirement.

Enable Geo-Tagging

Collect Geo-location data based on GPS. Our Geo-location widget lets you gather the location for the person filling out your form, with their consent. This is helpful if you want to get a better idea of what your customers look like, where they are located, and what they are interested in. With this data, you can run more targeted marketing campaigns and provide better offerings to your customers. When customers fill out your form with their location enabled, you receive this data and are able to use it for your company.

Label and Field Markups

Now that you have your form created, it’s time to label your fields and add field markups to them. Labeling fields help users understand what each field on the form is used for. Field markups let you add context to your fields, such as titles and explanations. Labels and field markups are both available in the field drop-down.

Dynamic Forms are a crucial part of your digital transformation journey with business automation. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to create forms using no code. With Quadric’s intuitive interface and powerful features, users can create forms in minutes.

Forms are used to collect information from users. From email sign-ups to training requests, forms allow you to collect data and automate the business process of making that data easily accessible. Forms are also used to create and manage different types of interactions with your users. From creating online demos to accepting online payments, forms allow you to create experiences that bring your users one step closer to your company.

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