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Posted By : Snehangshu
April 10, 2022
Geospatial Data Analytics : A Comprehensive Guide to Map-based Analytics

Geospatial data analytics is a process where data is analyzed to extract meaningful insights. It's beneficial as it can be applied to different problems in various fields such as business operations, geosciences, or engineering.

The analysis of geospatial data can help in managing and understanding changes around us. For example, the analysis of geospatial data for a city can be used to understand- Per family income, unemployment rate, educational qualification, skill levels, drinking water supply, and public sector services.

For industries this is a big help to understand the market dynamics and strategies in detail, a primary research and analysis.

To support geospatial data analytics in their company, companies use the following three types of data :

  • Spatial data (data about physical objects and geographic places)
  • Non-spatial data (data without a geographic component but related to spatial data)
  • Metadata (data describing other kinds of data)

Data is collected and analyzed for many different purposes. These purposes can be grouped into four categories :

  • Enjoyment and education "e.g." tourism, historical archaeology
  • Demographic analysis "e.g." population density maps
  • Business analytics "e.g." retail store locations and sales and customer data
  • Forecasting "e.g." weather forecasting, rainfall, flood, and earthquakes
How Geo-spatial Technology is Applied In the Real World

Geospatial technology plays a crucial role in today’s world. It is used in various fields such as agriculture, public health, urban planning and industrial operations.

It has been used in various areas such as agriculture, where farmers can be alerted to areas that have high levels of soil toxicity on their fields so they can change their farming methods to prevent contamination. It has also been used for urban planning by telling people about the density of population so that they can make more educated decisions about where to build infrastructure and amenities for people.

For industries the technology also offers an overview of ecosystem, growth sectors, market behavior, major programs/schemes and initiatives, investment areas, challenges and user's perspective on the applicability of the technology in different sectors, spheres and industries.

It focuses on market analysis including development trends, sectors, opportunities and major areas in various industry sectors.

Potential Applications of Geo-spatial Analytics and Future Developments

Location intelligence is a huge market and with the use of Geo-spatial Analytics, complex geographic data becomes easily accessible to the user. Geo-spatial analytics has numerous applications in sectors such as retail, aviation, hospitality, healthcare and more.

Geo-location intelligence has various uses in different industries. It helps retailers understand their customer’s behaviors and optimize their marketing campaigns accordingly. For example, if a retailer finds out that the majority of their customers come from a certain region during late evenings then they can increase advertising campaigns in that region to attract more customers. Similarly, in aviation industry it helps them understand the flight patterns by analyzing passenger information which will make it easier for airlines to predict delays or cancellations and change its flight path accordingly.

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