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Posted By : Snehangshu
June 09, 2022
How Can You Streamline Safety Reporting at Scale With No-code Apps?

A staggering 2.8 million people were injured at work in 2019, and 5,333 workers died. This is an average of 15 deaths per day. Companies pay millions annually in fines, legal costs, and higher insurance premiums to compensate for human suffering.

These tragedies are all too every day for safety professionals. You are responsible for reporting safety data and complying with regulations.

Although you cannot eliminate the danger from specific industries, you can minimize the risk and protect your workers with rigorous safety reporting. Safety professionals who can prioritize data-driven, simplified reporting will be able to identify potential problems before tragedy strikes again.

Safety Reporting is Essential

Even though safety procedures and inspection procedures may vary from one project to the next, reporting complete and accurate safety data is a constant and crucial part of the job.

Safety professionals are bound to comply with various levels of compliance. They must follow best practices in collecting and reporting data. Failure to comply with OSHA standards and state and local regulations is costly. As a safety manager, your responsibility is to comply with all safety requirements set forth by business clients. Safety reporting at all levels is key to compliance. Compliance helps avoid regulatory violations and reduces the risk of workplace injuries.

This Includes - Documenting Every Inspection
  • Awareness : To notify managers when an issue has been reported.
  • Remediation : To identify the problem and show that it has been fixed.
  • Analysis : To identify areas that need improvement and to deliver the value of your safety program.

A solid, data-driven safety strategy is also a great business decision. Insurers will see that safety has been prioritized and that measures have been followed consistently. This actively lowers your EMR and keeps your insurance rates low. These benefits go beyond the immediate cost savings. It also boosts your reputation and chances of winning contracts, attracting talent, and securing financing.

The Problems of an Obsolete Paradigm

Safety managers still use pen and paper and complicated spreadsheets, even though the digital revolution has allowed them to collect, analyze, and share vast quantities of safety data. Data is the cornerstone of any safety program and should not be lost in another century.

Inefficiency and errors increase as you have more data. Every report is different and requires different actions. Someone must send it to the compliance officer. Someone has to email the manager (likely with context), and someone needs to enter it into a spreadsheet for someone else to upload it into an analysis tool.

Even simple reporting guidelines can prove difficult to follow if you have hard-copy, written data. Managing projects can be more difficult if your company has multiple locations, field teams, or districts.

When you digitize your inspection process, every aspect of safety reporting will be transformed. A single digital inspection record can include all the information compliance officers, managers, remediation teams, and other program analysts need.

Digitizing these processes reduces transcription errors and delays. This means that you can get better-quality data faster. And there are no more lost forms due to coffee spills and a sudden gust of wind.

Safety Reporting for the 21st Century

Quadric is a mobile data collection platform and workflow automation platform purposely built to address these challenges. It helps the modern HSE Manager improve safety, ensure compliance, and streamline many types of reporting.

Quadric's easy-to-use app builder allows you to convert old paper checklists into functional mobile apps in just a few clicks. You can also easily modify the templates with the drag-and-drop interface until you have what you want. Quadric makes it easy for anyone on your team to start collecting data. Quadric adapts to all the challenges that safety professionals face every day.

All your safety data is stored once collected. It's always up-to-date and easy to access for analysis. Quadric automatically geotags every record, giving you complete visibility of all your projects in real-time.

Zoom in on the map for immediate safety decisions. Zoom out to see a better picture of your company's safety situation. To identify new opportunities for training or improvements and analyze data patterns.

You can also share data from the platform in many formats to quickly update stakeholders and show safety compliance to clients, insurers, or regulatory agencies.

Quadric's No-Code Platform makes it easy to gather, share, and analyze the data you need. Its workflow automation capabilities make reporting simple, so you can spend more time improving safety and less on administrative tasks.

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