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Posted By : Snehangshu
June 15, 2022
How Digitization Can Boost Utility Company Checklists?

Utility field work is often dangerous and requires a consistent workflow that promotes security and rigour. Tower inspections are an excellent example of this. Standardized SOPs ensure that all Field teams perform their tasks the same way every time, ensuring that the job is done safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Despite its modest appearance, the "lowly" checklist is one of the most efficient ways Utility companies create consistent and flexible best practices. It also serves as a powerful data collection tool that can revolutionize utility companies' operations.

Excellent Effectiveness of the Very Lowly-priced Checklist

To increase productivity and organize tasks, everyone uses checklists. Checklists are the backbone of routine work in utilities. They can guide you through safety procedures or walk you through SOPs.

Cognitive overload is when our brains skip or lose certain information. Checklists have a great power to fill those gaps.

From Data-driven to Checklist-managed

A checklist is a complete task. However, when you combine the power of many lists, you get something entirely different: a comprehensive picture of your workforce performance and ways to improve it.

After completing enough checklists, even simple elements such as names, signatures, and locations will create a vast intelligence database.

However, this is only true if the checklist users can gather all the information - which is difficult if not impossible when checklists are printed. Yet, utilities still rely on paper-based lists instead of digitizing them. This upgrade would unlock their data and provide a steady stream of insights.

Digital Checklists : Consistency and Flexibility

Paper checklists can be cumbersome, easily lost, susceptible to input and duplication errors, and inability to handle multimedia data. It is also a waste of time and resources to transcribe and circulate paper checklists.

Paper checklists have many disadvantages. They lack the consistency, flexibility, and reliability utility companies need to exploit the data fully.

Modern technology has made it possible to digital checklists. No-code mobile platforms embed consistency in easy-to-create digital lists. These checklists are designed for teams to follow exact steps but can be modified as circumstances change.

Let's look at some of the fundamental ways digital checklists can improve utility companies' consistency and flexibility in workflows.

  • Data integrity : Paper-based data systems have a problem with data reliability. Paper-based systems are easy to lose and susceptible to input errors because multiple copies of the same activity checklist can be kept in circulation. This can lead to a loss of data integrity at both the strategic and granular levels. Thanks to mobile platforms, a digital record is the only consistent record and the basis for reliable decisions.
  • Cloud-connected data : Cloud-connected data. When everyone works on the same platform from different connected devices, they can access the same underlying information with real-time updates. On the other hand, paper checklists can't create this standardization level because they disperse data among different forms and teams. Ironically, digital tools allow for greater flexibility. Field teams can inform the office about potential issues that require immediate attention or vice versa. SOPs can also be updated in real-time.
  • Agility : Agile teams are more responsive to changing tasks and frequently or even hourly conditions. Creating a checklist using digital platforms that don't require code is easy. You can also accommodate client needs, equipment requirements, and fluctuating weather conditions.
  • Reporting : Utility services still require reporting for compliance, billing, and audit purposes. Data collection and transcription can be complex due to multiple paper checklists in circulation. This makes it more difficult for utilities to collect reliable data. Your report might not reflect reality. Digital platforms allow clients to access data instantly, organize reliable data, and create various report formats to suit their needs.

Utility companies can use the power of digital checklists to integrate consistency and flexibility in their daily work instantly. This allows them to become more informed and more efficient. You have better visibility to real-time, reliable data.

This allows you to monitor the field's activities, from job progress to emergencies, and plan accordingly. This increases the flexibility and consistency of the on-the-ground teams, which leads to better resource allocation and continuous streamlining.

Your field teams can digitize their daily tasks and turn them into intelligent checklists. This transforms your company into an innovative workforce.

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