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Posted By : Snehangshu
July 11, 2022
The Impact of Labour Shortages in Construction on Safety

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the construction industry has had to contend with shortages of labour for a long time. But, as retiring many workers are older and the inability of younger workers to accept construction jobs, and the growth of construction only beginning due to the bipartisan $1 trillion construction bill, the construction sector will experience an estimated increase of 872,000 jobs by 2025.

With fewer workforces than ever to accept these jobs (and construction companies having to decline work because of a shortage of workers) Construction employers are becoming more creative. Along with wage increases that are faster than at any point during the past 40 years as well, the WSJ mentions that some contractors offer bonuses and housing allowances to new employees. When the pay and benefits rise, the construction industry is likely to see an increase in fresh workers, including youngsters who are entering the workforce, job changers as well as retirees who are enticed back into the labour market.

This is in the Number

With the influx of new, young, returning, and even older workers who are joining the construction workforce, it's worth mentioning some quick statistics about construction-related injuries :

  • 60 percent of injuries sustained by construction workers were sustained during the first year of employment. 30% of injuries were sustained by employees who had under six months of experience on the job.
  • When a construction worker returns to work following an accident, 8.65% will be injured again within 12 months.
  • The 20-24 age group comprises 15 percent of the construction industry; however, 21% of injuries occur to them.
  • The death rate of older workers is 80% more than the rate for construction workers younger than 35.
Field Inspection Technology for the Help

The main question every construction worker should ask themselves is: how do you keep everyone secure? A well-designed construction safety management and field inspection management system could make a difference, but it's not only any system. Check out the following four essentials for any construction company looking to improve its safety performance :

  • Ability to share security standard operating procedures : There's no getting around it: the workers on the job are likely to be stretched thin as the shortage of labour persists to be a major issue. New employees aren't able to access individual training as was commonplace just a few years back. With the field inspection management platform users are able to use the in-program SOPs as well as manuals and video and reference images to ensure that work is performed in a safe manner.
  • Community issue reporting : With every job site, there are people who are coming and going, such as inspectors, consultants, subcontractors, and supervisors, among others. Reporting issues to all who visit the job site can help ensure that no corners are cut, construction safety management protocols are adhered to and everyone is involved in keeping workers safe and the project running on time.
  • Safety inspections at scale : A big problem for workers' safety concerns is the magnitude of the problem. It's not difficult to secure 20 workers at one site however if you expand your project and you're running. If your field inspection system lets you scale up to accommodate additional employees, procedures, and locations, you'll be in a position to pinpoint areas for reinforcement and training and identify dangers before accidents occur.
  • Tasked-based assignment and routing : Safety managers can stop the loop of inspections in the field by using task-based assignments and routes. The safety managers can use a single source of truth for tracking inspections as well as safety issue resolution and status, which drives responsibility for all inspections and remediation tasks.
Does the Field Management System Accomplish This?

If it's written on paper or spreadsheets, it likely won't work. However, if you're using Quadric All of these features are included in the field inspection software that is a SaaS platform. When you provide safety SOPs to new employees in the field and give all employees on the site the ability to report unsafe situations, ensure safety and health checklist protocols are maintained regardless of whether your project and workload grow, and stay track of everything with a user-friendly task-based assignment and routing, you'll have the potential to keep all of your workers safe whether it's just one day on the job or 1000.

If you're one of the few who don't use Quadric as of yet we'll help you convince yourself to switch. What would a free month to test it out, test the tires and go for a test drive sound? It will take about one hour for you to

  • Join today for a free trial
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  • Create your Inspection teams
  • Create workflows for teams
  • Make sure you are maximizing your field inspection procedures

We've got everything you need to incorporate safety into your workplace culture. And all you've got to risk is 30 mins. Join us for a trial now!

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