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Posted By : Snehangshu
June 04, 2022
Top 5 Reasons Why You Have Dirty Data in Your GIS

When inaccurate or incomplete data is entered into GIS tools, it's not just a headache. It will cause friction and slow down the entire process in your organization.

Why does it hold up?

Here are five issues with the current process of generating dirty data :

Paper problem

Folding graffiti address or mark point on the map is inaccurate and I write down the GPS Coordinates open the door to errors – Both collection and posting points. It can also be used for location-independent data.

Data consistency issues

Consistent results require consistent input, people break spreadsheets in a creative way causing a discrepancy. When adding columns, or push multiple data into a cell, it leads to unreliable data and incorrect imports.

Version control issues

When making changes to the spreadsheet, We need to make sure everyone has the latest execution. But predictably, someone will accidentally use the old one (probably more than once) before switching over.

The lousy location data problem

Geocoded addresses provide limited resolution. But when someone manually enters precise latitudes and longitudes into a spreadsheet, numbers inevitably get mistyped or transposed.

Integration problem

I'm trying to insert information from a spreadsheet. GIS often has problems with translation and communication. So that everything works well, you need to make sure all the fields are aligned exactly to match the data you need. The process is often not perfect.

What is the solution?

By providing a location-based inspection process for mobile teams, mobile teams can use their smartphones and tablets to collect data in the field, eliminating paper, spreadsheets, and the errors they create. I can do it.

Quadric's field inspection management platform allows field teams to easily assemble custom processes. Also it quickly and easily collects accurate and rich data to intelligently automate management tasks that interfere with real work. Each record collected at Quadric is automatically geotagged using the device's native GPS and is readily available to anyone with access to your account.

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