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Story Insights

D & B has developed leaps and bounds to touch the zenith of success. They have embraced the dynamic technological innovations of Quadric which has enabled a centralized digital database of strictly confidential information. Great archives and instant decisions mark every stage of D & B.

Quadric’s extensive security features, handling of sensitive consumer data, instant organizing and analysis of random data sets, and recompiling took D & B to the highest stages of customer trust!

The Problem‍

Information forms the core of our success, and streamlining information is the lifeblood of DnB. Without proper channelling and organization of information, even the best sources will lose their significance! We at DnB have all pathways of data collection. Third party data collection centres form a distinct faculty of our intelligence. We also deploy machine learning in the form of AI and that is an indispensable data cluster that demands proper organization. Finally, in-house data collection mechanisms also demand a processing mechanism of its own where data needs to be channelled from the sources and duly stored. There was a huge gap between data collection and processing at DnB, as a result of which the different tributaries of data got jumbled up! Recompiling all the different sources was definitely a tough-grind!

This complexity of handling information also brought us to a unique crossroad. DnB receives extensive data through a variety of channel partners, and therefore, a lot of third party interventions made the entire data handling system vulnerable. In other words, there was a high chance of sensitive data getting mishandled while transferring over different media. This posed a grave threat to our entire client base which ranged from insurance companies to hospitality services. Each client of ours comprises heavily confidential data of customers, and that had to be protected at all costs!

Finally, problems of meta-comparison of data didn’t leave us behind. Every year the data sets of different kinds of analyses are clubbed with that of the previous years to find out the net development and growth of a company. With the lack of a digitzed data handling system, the absence of centralization made it difficult for us to track the historical analysis and comparison of data. Manual data compilation has its limits and we have hit a severe roadblock on the path of DnB’s technological advancement.

The Solution

When Quadric entered the scene with its dynamic form building feature, it radically changed the data collection procedure single-handedly! What it did was create these custom forms and expose them to the relevant third party channels. The forms comprise the necessary input fields to collect different data sets which the partner channels fill up and send back to us. The cumbersome process of maintaining and organizing data is gone within a moment, thanks to the digitally accumulated data stored in the central database of Quadric. What’s more, if you are looking for on-field data, Quadric will surprise you with its field level data acquisition app!

Coming with extensive security features, Quadric totally impressed us with its all-encompassing data protection mechanisms at all levels. Systematic collection of data via custom forms and apps happen through secured SSL certified channels leading to zero tampering of data. The next stage of security comprises a dynamic authentication token that prevents any unauthorized entry of invalid or counterfeit data by a third party. Finally, the Quadric API comes with 3 different layers of security of its own, further strengthening the giant cloud network of trillion packets of sensitive information.

Quadric comes with another prominent feature which solved our data analysis roadblocks. Previously, manual entry of data prevented this stringent analytical process to ensue. Today, we are powered with the dynamic report and graph builder tools of Quadric that furnish us with the necessary analyses and comparison among randomly chosen data sets. But the benefits do not stop here! Not only has extensive data comparison become a breeze, the reports can be analyzed from a variety of domains, complemented by instant generation of reports.

Results & Benefits

The benefits surrounding the merger of DnB and Quadric are multiple. First, the neat and systematic storage of data that happens in a centralized database leads to the perfect archiving of all relevant company information. Apart from the instant availability of comparing data sets, these archives prove invaluable to our clients for historical analysis purposes. Moreover, with this system in place, manual data handling and data loss are practically nil because the massive database of Quadric never forgets anything! What this means for us? That we are able to serve double the number of clients with the same resources and manpower.

Today, it often seems that DnB has become invincible. Our legacy of supreme data protection has only heightened with the entry of Quadric within the arena of data analysis. Our clients love us for what we do and the way/s we do it! It won’t be an exaggeration to conclude we have mastered the art of maintaining classified data, allowing us to indulge all our faculties into the customized needs of every consumer. These maximum security protocols that we maintain have authorized DnB with the highest accolade of business: absolute customer trust!

Finally, DnB has aced the decision making processes coming out of analyzing zillions of data sets. Now our clients simply pull up data points and relay them to us. Without taking more than a moment, Quadric is ready with its updated report on the favourable decisions to put forward. We have effectively erased the concept of a deadline for a report! Nowadays, all our reports are generated on extremely short notice, because we have a master analyzer at place! And this has drastically decreased manpower and the effort required in furnishing quick manual reports.

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