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Story Insights

From manually maintained bulk of paperwork to embracing technological innovations, The Wood Factory has come a long way in evolving the workflow of various departments of the company. Our collaboration with Quadric increased our turnover, allowing supreme virtual control over the production floor.

Quadric proudly integrates Production, Stock, and Inventory management. This ensures zero wastage of raw materials, timely completion of projects alongside an increasingly efficient workforce.

The Problem‍

We at Wood Factory have always flied high with customers’ support. Setting benchmarks in the field of exclusive home decor also requires tremendous logistical support. As we were gradually overwhelmed by the number of exclusive orders at our doorstep, it got increasingly difficult to manage and track projects in their own unique stages. We needed some grand technological intervention that could automate the track keeping and enhance outputs.

But here’s the thing! Everything comes at a cost. Unless faced with extensive bulks of orders, we didn’t realize the effects before. Our manually updated logs of multiple warehouses found it hard to keep everything noted and within one’s reach. Wastage of resources alongside improper track keeping fuelled the need to automate logistics.

Finally, wood cutting and designing are far more sophisticated tasks than usually understood. And for a business in this field, we realized stringent inventory management formed the core of our success. Large chunks of high-quality wood got lost to calculation errors, workers’ carelessness, and that too with zero accountability on their part. Improper monitoring of raw materials proved to be the biggest roadblock in Wood Factory’s growth.

The Solution

Quadric completely changed the chaotic manually operated workplace scenario at The Wood Factory. Its seminal production management app stores all wood manufacturing data, especially that of production floor, recording the different stages of each project, and working over this recurring confusion of bulk orders and coming out with a streamlined understanding of net work progress.

But there’s more! The Wood Factory made the most use of the supreme integration of the Production Management App and the stock management system. This allowed us to pay the much required attention to the multiple warehouses of completed and semi-finished products under one collaborative platform of Quadric, leading to the optimum use of the production floor, apart from saving time and resources.

Now inventory management has become a cakewalk! With Quadric at our side, resource allocation for each individual project alongside its data logging has become really easy now. The inventory management system is thoroughly integrated with the Order and Production Management Apps, thereby ensuring zero resource wastage. Every order has a specific approved set of resources, and Quadric keeps note of all these details. Moreover, keeping perfect track of each project also means an authenticity of the production requirements that can be instantly verified.

Results & Benefits

Let’s start with this: Quadric has centralized the entire production management system that can be observed and controlled remotely from a single platform. The different teams of the company are involved in different production stages, which is why it is very important to take note of every step of the processes. Floor management has become so easy with Quadric at our side because instant action on any error at any stage is duly possible now. Additionally, it tracks workforce performance, and the time spent behind every stage gives us even more autonomy on the production floor.

Our production span per product has drastically decreased. This is another glorious advantage of Quadric’s Stock Management. With all updated information on Finished and Semi-finished warehouses, resource utilization has reached its highest capacity. Gone are the days when the exact same order got manufactured twice due to lack of coordination among the various departments of the company. On top of that, all our warehouses get fully utilized to their optimum capacities.

After Quadric enhanced our business modules, resource wastage is practically nil. This has affected all branches of The Wood Factory very positively! Apart from our yearly turnover jumping a 17 % leap since 2021, our project estimation and planning has also streamlined over time. Inventory management has also evolved significantly, giving a thorough synergy across all the levels of the organization.

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