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Story Insights

Medtronic has evolved and hit the bull’s eye of success by embracing the latest technological innovations of Quadric. Not only has it digitized the organizational workflow, it also streamlined all our operations, and keeps supreme track of every equipment at every developmental stage of operations.

Quadric tackles inventory, operations, installation management, and handling of customers’ sensitive data, leading to a multi-channeled workflow always ready to serve Medtronic along its path!

The Problem‍

We at Medtronic always strive towards engineering the extraordinary. But everything has its own unique problems to begin with. Heavy equipment such as healthcare ventilation, oxygen supply, heart monitoring equipment, and so on are as expensive as they are delicate. It also demands high technical expertise to install these machineries. Our vast network of clients made it quite difficult for us to track and tackle hundreds of installation issues and replacement orders coming each day from different parts of the city. We had to streamline our operations down to their core!

Our beloved clients also suffered with increasing demands of our services. Whenever there was any maintenance issue or special request from customers, we found it difficult to integrate with the current system. Even if we did, the process was very time consuming! Any sudden equipment breakdown also used to take considerable time to get fixed, and we often found it hard to replace the broken machinery in many cases. Our long response time got us losing many valuable clients. This was by far the most formidable roadblock we had witnessed!

And this brings to our final point - the most vicious cycle of logistical problems we faced day in and day out! Medtronic has a scattered web of medical equipment delivery, supply, inventory, and maintenance stations in different locations. We realized what we severely lacked was a digital mapping of the intricate chain of workflow. In its absence, every department in the workflow suffered because there was no single accessible record that updates regularly. Therefore, no synergy existed among the equipment servicing department with the retesting and inventory mapping department. The same was the case with transport of faulty devices and replacing them with new ones!

The Solution

The first genius that Quadric applied in our ongoing system of operations is its Field Service app. This application streamlined our entire service chain, the backbone of our business. Apart from effortlessly managing the installation process, Quadric also pays attention to emergency requests while serving a previous one, on-spot change requests at the customer’s residence, and so on. In other words, handling any untoward incident in the field of service requests has become child’s play! Finally, any failed installation will directly get reported on our logs enabling instant action.

Coming to our consumer needs, Quadric solved them with a mighty innovation. Its flexible web platform and its mobile app counterpart can take any direct customer request remotely. This means there is no chance of missing any request as the entire process is digitzed. Moreover, the database keeps a log of all issues and reports it centrally. It is also crucial to remember that most emergency services have a very low response time for the service request. To have a streamlined mechanism of database maintenance wins half our battle, and thus, we ace at retaining our dear customers!

When Quadric came to the scene, we were actually confounded with its ease of handling operations! With its supreme asset management app, Medtronic now has real time information on every other asset procured under its name. These individual assets are tracked along multiple lines - fresh stock of newly available devices, stock of devices present with clients, equipment currently undergoing maintenance, you name it! All of this is updated via a digital workflow, thereby streamlining the core executive processes of Medtronic.

Results & Benefits

We are because of our strict deadline maintenance. At Medtronic, nothing falls behind schedule and the ingenious platform of Quadric has ensured the same. First of all, we have our installation process perfectly streamlined! Powered by a supremely flexible operations platform, we have enabled on-spot issue correction accompanying every installation process. Consequently, rework of orders have reduced to over 37% allowing us to invest more in more efficient client servicing and focusing on other developmental sectors of Medtronic.

Coming to customers, they are the happiest with our new collaboration. Now our dear clients can not only raise requests on their own, they can also change schedules according to their convenience. This has further helped us along the way in determining priority of our services. We rest only when we see that all customer requests have been met. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and a consequent increase in brand value. Additionally, this large cluster of requests proves invaluable during audits, understanding every element that can potentially affect the streamlined workflow, and therefore, invariably improve company performance.

Managing Medtronic is now like taking a brisk walk. Quadric has revolutionized our entire revenue model, as we have real-time updated information of all our resources. What’s more, the probability of meeting increasing customer demands has gone up over 15% in the last financial year! This has further allowed us to understand our exact bandwidth, allowing us to procure an optimum count of machinery and maximization of profit! As we have instant access to every other relevant information of operations, it allows us to map company health and raise our annual goals without inducing anxiety.

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