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Story Insights

Vanwingen’s collaboration with Quadric has evolved their entire chain of assembly line production. No more project delays, safety issues, or sudden unplanned mishaps. Armed with inspection forms and equipment maintenance options, Quadric brings Vanwingen closer to its milestones every passing day!

Quadric integrates different parts of an organization and comes out with a streamlined approach to tackle everything simultaneously. This characteristic binds all the phases of construction together.

The Problem‍

When you are a multinational construction company, workflow management forms the core of your success. At Vanwinjen, we have hundreds of projects moving simultaneously in different locations. To coordinate and ensure that employees are working to their highest potential, reaching the location within deadline, and to track progress of every one become the most challenging tasks in our domain. Despite the top-notch quality of our service, Vanwinjen suffered immensely due to the failing performance factors of the on-site workers.

Topping this administrative issue, there was also another problem related to workers : their ignorance of the safety protocols. All our construction site comprises some safety rules, not following which often results in disruption of the workflow. Moreover, when a large number of workers are located in different construction sites, it is practically impossible even for our on-site managers to monitor how well each worker adheres to the safety issues throughout their work time. But this brought us to a severe roadblock as ignorance of safety protocols even by one person has led to the total halt of all operations for the day, leading to an increased execution cost.

The final thorn on the path of our development was keeping track of the heavy and light equipment and their performance quotients. With no availability of a system that keeps track of equipment maintenance, we often find on the day of operation that a specific heavy machinery is not working! Apart from the production loss for the day, it also deeply affected the entire workflow of development and planning, since these equipment built the life force of the construction legacy!

The Solution

Managing all the hundreds of projects has become a mere cakewalk with Quadric. This workforce management platform keeps track of every individual employee within a given construction site, taking note of details such as arrival and departure times, on-site attendance, and their overall on-site availability. This has taken two advantages. First, we do not have to panic about the presence of employees as the platform helps us allocate resources accordingly. Second, loss in production time has also curtailed a lot owing to our prompt action to deliver manpower in construction areas where it is needed.

Coming to the point of preventing disasters in construction sites, Quadric has been our life saviour. Its unprecedented feature of a variety of customizable safety inspection forms allow our workers to update everything from their respective phones via user-friendly mobile apps. What’s more, whenever a problem arises, Quadric instantly prompts us about the safety rules violation which we monitor in real time. In other words, Quadric centralized our entire administrative system!

Quadric has another trick up its sleeve that really amazed us. Vanwingen is also a storehouse of all kinds of heavy construction equipment in need of regular servicing and maintenance. The management platform comes with maintenance checklists that solely focus on the monthly maintenance schedules for every equipment. Every time the maintenance time approaches, Quadric sends us a notification accordingly. Apart from this, periodic reminders for scheduled maintenance leads to the perfect harmony of developmental work, planning, and construction supplies!

Results & Benefits

We are our deadlines! Vanwingen never misses a prescribed date of completion for a project. Quadric has merged with our value system and came up with a perfect streamlined mechanism that allows us to give out the best estimates for every company milestone. Quadric comes up with the best calculations for projects and their completion dates depending on the daily analysis of workers’ attendance. This has made the workflow significantly smoother!

Government-assigned officers who adhere to safety norms of construction projects are very satisfied with our consistent focus on on-field safety norms for our workers. Moreover, our clients also lay down their own groundwork of security issues which we duly take into account! A combination of these healthy practices has allowed our funds to swell, ensure a satisfied workforce with maximum retention, and an ever-flowing chain of excited clients

ready to invest in our journey.

With Quadric’s arrival, our work has seen dramatic developmental shifts. There are zero pending maintenance issues and the chances of machinery breakdown has diminished over 65%. Not only this, but regular periodic checkups have also led to increased longevity of the heavy machinery, which means zero delay in projects. Today, there has been about a 27% increase in annual accumulation of projects as chances of workflow interruption has reduced drastically. Achieving milestones is like taking a walk in the garden now!

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